Week 12 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA 2016

  Hello Folks! We finally did it – we set a date for the farm tour!  We hope you can join us on Sunday, September 11 for a Pekarek’s Produce Farm Tour.  The tour will run from 2 – 5 pm.  We will have hay rack rides leaving from the packing shed at 2:20 andContinue reading “Week 12 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA 2016”

Week 11 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA 2016

  Hello Folks! This week we have been having some “fun” with machines.  We have two four wheelers on the farm that are essential to all of our humdrum daily operations like picking squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and almost anything with a small crew.  We also use them for pulling trailers, using small equipment andContinue reading “Week 11 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA 2016”

Week 10 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello Folks! I made it back safely from Arkansas and Ryan survived a full week on his own.  I’m not totally certain that, given his 6 am to 10 pm work schedule, he would have noticed we were gone if it weren’t for the CSA J  I’ve had several reports that everything ran smoothly withContinue reading “Week 10 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

Week 8 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello Folks! The hot summer sun has been brutal on our tender vegetables – and our people too. We’ve had as much sun and blistering heat this year as any year since we’ve began growing vegetables.  We’ve gone to an earlier start in the mornings to try to avoid some of the heat for theContinue reading “Week 8 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

Week 7 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello folks! Every once in a while something happens on the farm, that it makes everything else pale in comparison.  This week just such a thing happened.  We spend much of our time picking and harvesting produce.  Usually this means that we harvest things like zucchini and squash by picking them and then putting themContinue reading “Week 7 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

Week 6 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello Folks! It’s hard to believe it’s already July.  On the farm, May feels like we are starting to get ramped up with production, June seems to be in full gear, but July is when we reach our full marathon pace.  At this point, there is no pause or break for us until December (weContinue reading “Week 6 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

Week 5 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello Folks, Happy Independence Day (early)! I tried not to mention it last week, as I was hoping for some rain, but the name of the game this week has been “Irrigate, Irrigate, Irrigate!”  It’s almost hard to remember having how wet it has been this spring when just a few short week[s ago everythingContinue reading “Week 5 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

2016 CSA – Week 4

Hello Folks! As usual, there is much to report on the farm. We’ve done a few things this week that may not sound exciting but are important to growing veggies. We started off by putting shade cloth on our greenhouse. Shade cloth basically looks like a strong black mesh that we use to cover theContinue reading “2016 CSA – Week 4”

Spain Style Salad!

Are you wondering what to do with the produce in the CSA box this week? Check out the blog over at cookitquick.org.  For most of the weeks from now until the end of September, Alice Henneman will be sharing tips and recipes for preparing fresh, locally grown foods. She’ll be using foods currently in seasonContinue reading “Spain Style Salad!”