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End of June 2022 Farm Update

It Takes a Village! Some great and exciting things are happening on the farm! The new roof to one of our greenhouses is up, which is no small feat in Nebraska wind. Our entire crew assisted in getting a 42’x100′ piece of weaved plastic secured and of course, Nebraska weather always likes to make things a…

Farm Update 6/21/2022

On the Farm- Some Bad News & Some Good NewsUnfortunately, we at Pekarek’s have some bad news; strawberry season is officially over. We know that strawberries are something that a lot of you look forward to as do we. The crop this year, however, just did not want to produce. After flowering, which was a…

What We Do

Pekarek’s Produce is a family owned and operated fruit & vegetable farm.

We produce fruits & vegetables that are affordable, seasonal, and as fresh & local as possible.

Everyone who sells for Pekarek’s Produce at the markets has been involved with the production of the vegetables.

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