End of June 2022 Farm Update

It Takes a Village! Some great and exciting things are happening on the farm! The new roof to one of our greenhouses is up, which is no small feat in Nebraska wind. Our entire crew assisted in getting a 42’x100′ piece of weaved plastic secured and of course, Nebraska weather always likes to make things aContinue reading “End of June 2022 Farm Update”

Farm Update 6/21/2022

On the Farm- Some Bad News & Some Good NewsUnfortunately, we at Pekarek’s have some bad news; strawberry season is officially over. We know that strawberries are something that a lot of you look forward to as do we. The crop this year, however, just did not want to produce. After flowering, which was aContinue reading “Farm Update 6/21/2022”

Weekly Vegetable Subscription- June 14th, 2022, Update

Hey Folks! Hope you all are staying cool in this extra warm weather! Some of the workers find it necessary to go into the walk-in cooler on days like this week to cool off!Week 4: Vegetable SubscriptionRadishKaleCucumberSalad MixKohlrabi Warm weather  Hopefully this June “Strawberry Moon” will turn the tide for our strawberry plants. The winter led toContinue reading “Weekly Vegetable Subscription- June 14th, 2022, Update”

Early April Update

Hello Friends! It’s starting to feel like spring around here! Ryan set up the delivery date in late April for more strawberries and asparagus plants. Six thousand strawberry plants will go in the field around May 1. They won’t produce strawberries until 2023 and 2024. The strawberries you eat from us in 2022 (hopefully!) were plantedContinue reading “Early April Update”

March Update – On the Farm

Hello friends!  As we gear up for another fun produce season, we’d like to bring you a farm update.  We will again be sending out email updates, so be sure to forward to a friend or encourage them to sign up.  We hope to remember how to use facebook/instagram/twitter – so watch for fun pictures.  We’ve alsoContinue reading “March Update – On the Farm”

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 13

Last Week for Peaches? This will likely be the last week for peaches from Pekarek’s Produce.  If you are interested in canning or freezing peaches, be sure to get them this week! On The Farm In the weekend’s storm, we received 2.75″ of rain.  As you know, rain makes life a little easier in someContinue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 13”

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 10

It’s Week 10 of the Weekly Vegetable Subscription and we are officially past the half way mark!  We hope you are enjoying your produce to this point and looking forward to some of the late summer, early fall crops for the next few weeks. On The Farm We always try our best on the farm,Continue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 10”

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 9

Wow – it’s been a fun week at the Pekarek’s.  We had almost 2 inches of rain, lots of wind, school shopping and a baseball tournament! On The Farm Ryan picked the first few ears of sweet corn this week and ate them for lunch.  A couple of them were a little young, so he’sContinue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 9”

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 5

This week, we would like to invite you on a virtual tour of the farm!  Check out the video below… Warm weather Warm weather on the farm is great for most crops but can put an early end to certain crops like strawberries. It also means that the start time on the farm food from 8Continue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 5”