Farm Update 6/21/2022

On the Farm- Some Bad News & Some Good News

Unfortunately, we at Pekarek’s have some bad news; strawberry season is officially over. We know that strawberries are something that a lot of you look forward to as do we. The crop this year, however, just did not want to produce. After flowering, which was a sea of white, the strawberry plants just went kaput. We were hoping for a few thousand quarts this year and we were lucky to get over 150 quarts. While that may be some bad news, we also have good news! The rest of the farm is chugging right along, our sweet corn is tasseling (which means corn is coming!) and our friends Juan, Eduardo and Julio are up from Mexico, and we are so excited to have them! Raspberry season is just getting started and is a generally longer season! We are now seeing both shelling and snap peas come in, with green beans not far behind. We also have started the broccoli harvest for the year. – we do several plantings of this, so we’ll have broccoli for most of the time between now and October.

Week 5: Vegetable Subscription

Other crops are coming along nicely – potatoes are looking good.  I’m hoping we get the first ones of the year dug around mid-July. Little baby cantaloupe and watermelon are appearing on their vines. These are some of Ryan’s favorite crops. The sweet potatoes we transplanted a few weeks ago look nice and should be on track for an early fall harvest.

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Rain versus Irrigation

On Thursday last week, we got a little over 2.5 inches of rain at the farm, in about 10 hours). To say it was a little muddy is an understatement. Still, things needed to be harvested and we got it done. This heat has been really nice in drying things out quickly. If we do not have rain here soon whilst temperatures stay high, we will have to get into irrigating our crops.  While it’s a little nice to not have mud everywhere, irrigation is hard on the crew.  Everything on the farm is drip irrigated, meaning we have black, blue, and red hoses going everywhere around the farm. We have irrigation running to all of our many crops and they get hours and hours of irrigation.  It’s an efficient system for the plants and promotes less disease, but it also means we have alarms set for all times of the day to go move irrigation water from one crop to the other!

Online Ordering – Additions to your Weekly Subscription
If you would like to add produce to your weekly vegetable subscription tomorrow, you can go online to and place your order by 10am tomorrow.  We will add it to your regular bag for tomorrow. Have Questions? We can’t wait to see you!  If you have questions, please text or call Katie at (402) 560-3110 or Ryan at (402) 641-3305 or Michael McCray at (303) 912- 0095

Your Farmers,
Ryan, Katie, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas, Grace, and Crew
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