End of June 2022 Farm Update

It Takes a Village!
Some great and exciting things are happening on the farm! The new roof to one of our greenhouses is up, which is no small feat in Nebraska wind. Our entire crew assisted in getting a 42’x100′ piece of weaved plastic secured and of course, Nebraska weather always likes to make things a little more challenging. In addition to the greenhouse, new construction on a tractor/equipment barn is under way! This will allow us to have more covered space for vehicles, and even plants ready to be transplanted to be stored safely when bad weather arises. This will also us to make future improvements on the packing and washing area of the farm! Ryan is very excited about the new construction. 

On The Farm
We have been seeding fall crops in our climate-controlled greenhouse this week. We will plant these in a few weeks for harvest in October.  Weed control becomes very important in the dog days of summer – it’s like a lot of other things in life, if you keep up with it, it’s pretty manageable, but if you get behind- woah nelly, it can get a little crazy. Luckily the crew has done a great job with weeds this year and they will be enjoying a fair amount of hoeing in the coming weeks! Tomatoes and raspberries are coming along, and we have a few but not quite enough yet to put into everybody’s CSA.
Don’t be afraid of turnips! I want to encourage you all to try them, even if you have bad memories of them from your childhood. Ryan has the best turnips!  They are creamy and sweet. In our house, we eat them raw – we don’t peel them, but some people prefer to peel them. They are also delicious in stir fry, roasted and on salads.

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