The Start of the Weekly Vegetable Subscription

Weekly Vegetable Subscription Newsletter
Week 1 – May 24, 2023

The weekly vegetable subscription starts this Wednesday.  Be sure to pick up your vegetables!

What’s in this week’s bag?

Lehigh Potatoes
Salad Mix

Did you know you can add vegetables to your bag each week? Simply go to and purchase what you want to add to your weekly vegetable subscription before 5:30 am each Wednesday, and we will add the produce to your bag for that day.
On The Farm

High Tunnels and Greenhouse Work

Each week we will try to give you a brief sneak peek of what’s going on around the farm.  Most of our efforts these days are going to planting and fighting drought with drip irrigation! Check out some of our recent work in photos below.

There’s so much to plant on the farm this time of year.  Photo on the left: Katie and Rebecca transplanting lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and more.  Center photo: The view from Ryan’s seat while seeding carrots, beets, and radish.  Photo on the right: Grace, Jacob, Amy, and Ryan transplanting flowers.


Shorts, Reels, and more

We’ve been trying to share different aspects of the farm this year in a new way for us – short videos…. or as the youtubers might call it: “shorts.” So be sure to check us out on YouTubeFacebook ReelsInstagram, or TikTok.  

Check out this one on weeding smarter!  It’s a back saver.

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