Happy Memorial Day

Weekly Vegetable Subscription Newsletter
Week 2 – May 31, 2023

Memorial day festivities in Dwight, Nebraska

Happy Memorial Day from Pekarek’s Produce!

It’s been a fun week and Memorial day is one of the very few holidays that we actually take off around here.  Ryan and Margret play trumpet for the services, the boys serve for the cemetery services, and we all follow along.

What’s in this week’s bag?

Salad Mix

Add vegetables to your bag each week by visiting pekareksproduce.com/shop and purchase what you want to add to your weekly vegetable subscription before 5:30 am each Wednesday, and we will add the produce to your bag for that day.
On The Farm

High Tunnels and Greenhouse Work

This week’s peek on the farm – It’s dry!  I asked Ryan to help me write this week’s newsletter, and it sounded a bit like a poem…

It’s dry.  We planted pumpkins.  I hate ground squirrels.  It’s dry.
The peas are blooming.  The pumpkins aren’t up yet.  It’s dry.
The ground squirrels are eating everything.  It’s dry.

It was all said in good fun, but really, I believe “DRY” and irrigation is going to be a theme at the farm this summer.  Check out the facebook reel below to see how we set up drip irrigation in strawberries last week.

Pruning Raspberries

Raspberries are still growing strong, even in the drought! We took the time this week to shape them up so that they can continue growing and bear fruit all summer.  It’s almost raspberry season, and we can’t wait.

There’s so much to plant on the farm this time of year.  Photo on the left: Planting pumpkins on our home-made rig.  Center photo: Rhubarb is growing in the field.  Photo on the right: Ryan’s view from the tractor watching Jacob cultivating.


Shorts, Reels, and more

This week’s We’ve been trying to share different aspects of the farm this year in a new way for us – short videos…. or as the youtubers might call it: “shorts.” So be sure to check us out on YouTubeFacebook ReelsInstagram, or TikTok.  

Check out this one on irrigating strawberries  It’s a back saver.

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