2016 CSA Week 3

Hello Folks!

We are excited about the produce in this week’s CSA!  It feels like we are finally getting some good production out of the crops.

This last week has felt more like the middle of summer than mid-June and the forecast looks to keep us in the upper 90s for some time.  This has been good in some respects as the heat has helped the crops grow.  The sweet corn is looking great and is just beginning to tassel.  It also means that we are officially fully into the irrigation season and that means we have some long days and nights of moving water0 around the farm.

The downside of the heat is that it is hard on some plants – and farmers too! The heat makes us watch the broccoli closely to see if it will make a head or if it will bolt (turn into a flower).  Unfortunately, the heat has already turned several of the tomato plants we transplanted this week into tomato hay (It dried the plants to a crisp!) even while we were irrigating the plants.

This week we seeded watermelon and cantaloupe.  Did you know that a mouse will go through what we have seeded and pick out every single one of the cantaloupe seeds for a tasty snack, but leave the watermelon alone?  There are just certain crops that the critters like best as seeds.  Don’t worry though, the earlier planted melon plants are looking fantastic although they won’t be ready for some time.

The no-till pumpkins we planted last week are starting to come up in the field.  We transplanted another set of broccoli and kohlrabi in the field that are looking good.  The potatoes were hilled, which basically means that soil is pulled up closer to the plant and a furrow, is created.  This allows us to do a better job irrigating the plants.

Jacob Irrigating


Folks – I’m sorry, but I jumped the gun in scheduling this year’s farm tour.  We have a family obligation so we need to postpone the farm tour.  We will still have a farm tour this summer, but are looking for another date.  Again, I am sorry and thank you for your understanding. There will still be hayrack rides and lots of fun, just a little later in the season J

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew

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