Spain Style Salad!

Are you wondering what to do with the produce in the CSA box this week?


Check out the blog over at  For most of the weeks from now until the end of September, Alice Henneman will be sharing tips and recipes for preparing fresh, locally grown foods. She’ll be using foods currently in season in Nebraska, provided by the Pekarek’s Produce CSA. You will also find ways to help you avoid wasting fresh fruits and vegetables through storage and freezing, plus recipe suggestions that help you use every last leaf, stalk, ear, etc.!

Check out this quick salad recipe from Alice.  She used a technique learned on a recent trip to Spain.

Week2 Salad.jpg

  1. I washed and dried the lettuce in a salad spinner (helps remove the water and make salad dressing stick better, plus you can use less dressing AND add fewer calories). Also, I sliced a few of the red radishes.
  2. Each person at the table (last night, it was my husband and me) got a salad bowl with the lettuce and radishes.
  3. Next, each of us added a splash of vinegar followed by a couple of splashes of extra virgin olive oil. Use a ratio of about 1 part vinegar (such as balsamic, sherry, red wine or a fruit-flavored vinegar) to 3 parts olive oil. Eyeball it at about 1 teaspoon vinegar to 3 teaspoons olive oil per about 2 cups of salad. (NOTE: If desired, add a dash of salt at the beginning).
  4. Toss and enjoy!

Full recipe here!

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