Week 10 – Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello Folks!

I made it back safely from Arkansas and Ryan survived a full week on his own.  I’m not totally certain that, given his 6 am to 10 pm work schedule, he would have noticed we were gone if it weren’t for the CSA J  I’ve had several reports that everything ran smoothly with the CSA while I was gone, so I’m thinking maybe I should leave more often.  If you are asking why I left in the middle of summer, I also work for UNL Extension in the School of Natural Resources and I went to Arkansas to participate in a National Ag Extension conference where received an Achievement Award and gave a presentation.


So now, back to what’s been happening on the farm.  The big news is that in the last week we’ve received almost 2.5 inches of rain.  This is wonderful, as it gives us a little breathing room and we can hold off on irrigating for a little while!  It was a nice rain, no hail, but unfortunately, the fan motor on the greenhouse burned up in the storm as a result of lightening, so we are working on getting that fixed.  The nice rains also mean that it is time to cultivate… rain means everything grows, including weeds!

This week we cleaned out the greenhouse.  Those cucumber plants that have been growing on a trellis in the greenhouse are done producing fruits, but we picked an amazing 3,051 cucumbers off of just 60 plants in there, so we are extremely pleased!

We also transplanted all of the broccoli and cauliflower from the greenhouse.  That is the last batch of broccoli and cauliflower that will go into the field this year.  It’s a bit of a sign that fall is coming.  The other sign fall is coming is that we are losing all of our high school help next week.  We’ve been very fortunate to get a great crop of high school help this year and will be sad to see them go, but look forward to the returning and new fall help.

Getting the CSA boxes packed and ready to go!


Tomatoes have gone into full swing of production over the last couple of weeks.  They were a very slow start for us this year, but we tend to think of ourselves as if we are in a marathon, not a sprint.  Our veggies may not be the first, but they will have a long season.

We have started picking on the watermelons in the last couple of weeks and will still be planting several crops in the coming months.  Just this week we seeded beets, carrots, green beans, and cabbage.

Be sure to take a cantaloupe this week!

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew

What’s in this week’s bag?

  • Sweet Corn
  • Cantaloupe
  • Green Beans
  • Cucumber(s)
  • Bell Pepper(s)
  • Tomatoes

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