2016 CSA – Week 1

YAY!  The CSA is starting!! I’m so excited. Welcome to the 2016 Pekarek’s Produce CSA!  We are excited to have several new and returning members.  We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing our yummy, fresh vegetables with you through the coming year – THANK YOU. The 2016 CSA boxes are being picked upContinue reading “2016 CSA – Week 1”

Announcing the 2016 Pekarek’s Produce CSA

We are excited here at Pekarek’s Produce to announce the 2016 CSA! Pekarek’s Produce invites you to receive fresh, seasonal, flavorful, healthful vegetables.  We select vegetable varieties for their taste, raise them under the best possible conditions, pick them at the peak of ripeness, and carefully wash and pack them for you. Pekarek’s Produce CSAContinue reading “Announcing the 2016 Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

Week 11 – 2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hey Folks! It’s hard to believe that it’s that time again… time when the days begin to get shorter, the nights may cool off, and the kiddos go back to school.  This week marks the start of a new school year for our children who are entering pre-school, Kindergarten, and 2nd grades as well asContinue reading “Week 11 – 2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA”

2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 9

  Hey Folks! We’ve always heard about raccoons eating people’s sweet corn, but have never really had a problem.  They would eat an ear here or there, but not too much.  This week we learned what raccoons can do to sweet corn.  We went to pick some sweet corn that we watching closely and itContinue reading “2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 9”

2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 8

Hey Folks! I am happy to say that this week you will all be receiving sweet corn!  Unfortunately, here is where we apologize in advance.  After this week, it looks like the sweet corn will be a little spotty for a bit.  This means that half of you may receive sweet corn one week, whileContinue reading “2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 8”

2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 7

  Hey Folks! This week we are introducing our newest crew member: Tater.  She is a 10 week old beagle-lab mix that is not even as big as our boots.  Tater instantly found her place on the farm among the potato patch, although she finds that carrot tops provide excellent shade for taking a napContinue reading “2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 7”

2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 6

Hey Folks! Well, even though it feels like fall this week, it’s definitely summer.  We’ve finished picking peas, spinach and radishes for the summer.  These crops really like to have cooler weather or else they get bitter or spicy.  Luckily we have started into the green bean harvest and have been able to grow someContinue reading “2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA – Week 6”