2016 CSA – Week 14

Hey Folks,

This week has a little bit of a “farming as usual” feel to it.  We no longer farm dawn until dusk – now it’s more like sun up to “whenever we turn the lights off.”  I’m not sure I appreciate the person who decided it is a good idea to have lights on a tractor, or maybe at all! It’s not nearly as romantic as it seems.

A few of you did not receive your mini sweet peppers last week – I’m sorry. I’m not sure where my head was, but hopefully we got everyone squared away.  If we didn’t please let me know!


We are once again having a less than wonderful year for onions. Last year we had so many small hail events that every time a small piece of hail would hit the onion, that layer would start rotting while the next layer would grow up around it.  So we would not even be able to tell that something bad was going on until we cut into it.  This year we’ve had weed issues and soft tops, so a lot of onions haven’t made it in from the field.

We’ve started harvesting radishes for the fall again. We’ve also begun harvesting lettuce, so it will be salad season soon.  Unfortunately, tomato production has slowed way down again and the watermelon season will end rather quickly.  We tore out five rows of tomatoes this week as the plants were finished.  We’ve had some of the best tasting watermelon we’ve ever grown this season, but we’ve never seen them stop producing quite like this.  The plants simply started to shrivel up and die in a matter of days instead of the normal slow and gradual decline.  We think the tomatoes that we’ve kept in the field will start producing again, but it looks like the end of watermelon season is upon us.


Ryan spent some quality time with the shredder this week. Much of this time of year is now figuring out what is worth keeping and what is not.  Onion patches, rotting watermelons and cantaloupe, old corn plants, and anything else that was not deemed worthy did not survive the week.  There is more of this to come!

Just a friendly reminder, please return your bags each week 🙂

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and small Crew

What’s in this week’s bag?



Bell Peppers

Mini Sweet Peppers*




*indicates items only in the full bag

**indicates items only in partial bag


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