3 Health Benefits of Asparagus

3 Health Benefits of Asparagus Happy asparagus season! Asparagus season is like a sprint, it comes in quickly and seems to disappear just as quickly. Last week we harvested only a few pounds of asparagus and this week we will harvest hundreds of pounds! Asparagus is low calorie and a nutrient powerhouse.  In just halfContinue reading “3 Health Benefits of Asparagus”

To the greenhouse – for your health and mine!

One of our favorite places on the farm right now is the greenhouse! It’s a little warm respite when it’s foggy, or rainy, or wiiiindy. We head out there to get out of the house, play in the dirt and of course, check the plants and do chores!! Soon, the cucumbers will be growing upContinue reading “To the greenhouse – for your health and mine!”

A Vegetable Drive Thru

This week, we will be trying our first Vegetable Drive Thru. At Pekarek’s Produce, we are always vigilant about food safety. Pekarek’s Produce is already GAPs certified – GAPs stands for good agricultural practices.  This means that at all times, we practice good food safety on our farm and are even inspected by an outsideContinue reading “A Vegetable Drive Thru”

High Tunnel Planting with Family

Just like normal, plants are being moved from the greenhouse to the high tunnels. but this year things are moving a little differently. With school canceled and everybody working from home, planting becomes a family affair. The two-year-old loves it, and the baby doesn’t know any better. The jury is still out with the bigContinue reading “High Tunnel Planting with Family”

Carrots from Pekarek’s Produce in March!

Folks, did you know that we have carrots right now! Among the other goodies we have growing in the greenhouses and tunnels that should be ready in the next few weeks – we have carrots available right now! And while it is joyful to have fresh, crunchy, sweet, delicious carrots in the early part ofContinue reading “Carrots from Pekarek’s Produce in March!”

What’s growing in February?

This time of year, we often get the question: “what do you have growing?” And the answer is usually pretty conditional. We try to get seeds started in the greenhouse around mid-February every year. But this year, like most, we got seeds going when there was a nice, sunny snap of weather and then weContinue reading “What’s growing in February?”