To the greenhouse – for your health and mine!

One of our favorite places on the farm right now is the greenhouse! It’s a little warm respite when it’s foggy, or rainy, or wiiiindy. We head out there to get out of the house, play in the dirt and of course, check the plants and do chores!!

Soon, the cucumbers will be growing up the strings that hang down from the trellace like whispy lines that are calling to be touched. The seeds that we plant will grow into vegetables. And the small plants in the greenhouse will be transplanted.

A virus had made these times full of uncertainty. But sure enough, spring comes, the sun shines, rain falls, and plants grow. The farm is in full swing and we can’t wait to see our Pekarek’s Produce community again.

All that said, it may be some time until things go back to “normal.” This may mean adjustments in how we get produce to you, but we will make it work. We are excited to again share our produce with you this summer.

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