2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 2

Week 2 of Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription

Wow, has it been WINDY this week!  When it is this windy, you can hear the plants saying “ahhhhhh.” And of course, we got 6+ inches of rain since Wednesday.  So it’s like the double whammy of dirty around here, mud everywhere and wind. 

On The Farm

The greenhouse benches are pretty empty right now and we are preparing for another round of seeding. We plant something every couple of days, either in the greenhouse or in the field from February through October.

Pumpkins and squash are coming up – except the delicata squash which were all picked out of the row delicately and eaten by the ground squirrels.  Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower in the field are all coming along.  The peas in the high tunnel are producing, but not as much as we would like. We are waiting for the peas in the field to start producing a little bit more.  And truthfully, the summer crops are looking good, just wind blown – sweet corn should be coming around the second week of July, tomatoes should be here late this month, and cantaloupes and watermelons look nice.

It’s the end of the season for asparagus. Butler County Health Care Center did 3, that’s right – 3 great videos on asparagus for you…

**A Note About Our Lincoln Pick Up**

Given the proximity of our pick up site to O street and the protests that are ongoing, we are monitoring the situation closely with the Hub Café staff.  Out of respect and for safety concerns, we are requesting that you pick up your produce by 6 pm this week.  We understand this is earlier than normal. If this does not work for you, please let Katie know via phone call or text at (402) 560-3110.

Have Questions?

We can’t wait to see you!  If you have questions, please call Katie at (402) 560-3110 or Ryan at (402) 641-3305.

Your Farmers,
Ryan, Katie, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas, Grace, and Crew

What’s in This Week’s Vegetable Subscription?


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