Mother’s Day: Celebrate with Salad

I love the idea of breakfast in bed, but 9 times out of 10, I am the first one up in the house (or the baby).  So I like to celebrate with salad. Not only is it healthy, my kids can make it, and the clean up is easy enough I don’t have to help.  Win – Win! Lettuce, Spinach, Cukes and my favorite dressing make for a nice way to enjoy Mother’s Day.  Add in a litte bit of bacon from Wilber and you’ve gone from good to great.

Side story – Wilber was one of the hogs we raised last year.  After the kids, mostly Margret, played with the pigs all year, they wanted to make sure that when Wilber was butchered, he came to our deep freeze.  Farm kids, huh!
Need a Mother’s Day Present? 
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