Filling the Greenhouse

It is a wonderful reprieve to have such wonderful weather in March.  I think we’ve all been waiting to break out of the cold snap and it’s really made us productive during the last week.  The entire family participated in filling up much of the greenhouse.  It all started with a soil delivery that came in February.


We had a few things planted before this week, so the greenhouse looked like this.  The pots in the middle are not planted yet, but are scheduled to have tomatoes and cucumbers in them shortly.

20110310 Empty Greenhouse

The entire family worked to fill trays with soil.

20110311 Seeding  20110311 Filling Trays2

We seeded them…


Then we covered them with soil before watering.

20110311 Filling Trays

At the end of it all, the greenhouse was starting to get full.

20110311 Full Greenhouse

These little seedlings will grow in the greenhouse until we are ready to plant them in the field.  By the time they are ready, they should look more like this.


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