It’s Growing Season…

Hello folks,

It is once again growing season at Pekarek’s Produce.

20110310 Cabbage

I always laugh when people ask what we do in the winter.  The first thing we do is take a big deep breath!  Then we start getting ready for the next year.  We order seed, which is a process that takes a few weeks.  Ryan gets 10-15 catalogs in the mail, but really only orders from 3 or 4 different places.  We order our sweet potato slips from down south because you know they know how to grow sweet potatoes in the south! We order onions and potatoes, we order trays to plant seeds in for the greenhouse, we order soil to put in the trays.


We try to get everything fixed up on the farm.  We take delivery vehicles into the shop, tighten up bolts, and make sure everything is in working order. We go to farm sales!  We watch farm sales online.  We buy new equipment, tear old equipment apart, make hybrid equipment by splicing new and old together:)

Potato Planter_ 0308

And while all this is necessary and helpful, it’s time to be outside again! We have a high tunnel frame that needs to get “skinned” – meaning it needs some plastic.  Ryan is working on fixing the roll up sides on a high tunnel.  But most of all, it’s time to get GROWING.

20150311 Broccoli

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