High Tunnels


Some of you will recall from last year, that one of our late fall activities included tearing down a couple of greenhouses near Bennington.  This was some sort of crazy adventure where we thought, “Yes.  I do believe I would like to go into a weedy field, traipse around in the mud, crawl on loaders and use bobcats to ‘gently’ tear down some greenhouse frames.”  This was a labor of love.


Concrete poured on high tunnel posts.

We did get all of the frames taken down and brought home.  We currently  have the large frame up and have been waiting to get it skinned.  The weather has to be right when you put plastic on.  If it is too windy, you will never get it to lay down right.  If it is to cold, the plastic will be shrunk.  This means that on the first warm day, the plastic will loosen and we would have a floppy greenhouse.  We can’t have that!


Hopefully, we will put up the two smaller tunnels soon too!

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