2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 3

We hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day with family and friends.  Ryan has been playing with the American Legion for several years now, at funerals and on Memorial Day.  So he enjoyed a day of attending several local field masses with the Legion band throughout the day on Memorial Day.  This is one of theContinue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 3”

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 2

As a farmer, it feels like you are always talking about the weather – because we are.  Every evening, we make plan for the next day and every morning, we have to revise that plan! This month’s theme seems to be rain. On The Farm The rain is a blessing in that we aren’t spending soContinue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 2”

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 1

Hooray! Tomorrow is our first produce pick up for the 2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription. Each week, we will share our farm and family with you, talk about the produce in the weekly vegetable subscription, and maybe even some recipe suggestions. 2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscriptions are again being picked up on the Farm, in Seward atContinue reading “2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 1”

A Cold Spring means Row Cover and Winter Coats

We are excited to have our crew slowly coming back to us this spring.  We’ve really been fortunate to develop some great long lasting relationships with our crew and this is what really makes our farm work. There’s a lot about the farm that is very cyclical – in spring, everything is new again andContinue reading “A Cold Spring means Row Cover and Winter Coats”

Drive Up Vegetable Market 4/16/21

Great news!  On Friday, April 16 from 4-6pm, we will have a drive up vegetable market!  Yay 🙂  This first sale of April will be Drive Up only. Please pull up to the shed, we will bring you a menu, you make your selections and then we will bring a bag of vegetables back to yourContinue reading “Drive Up Vegetable Market 4/16/21”

Planting the Early Spring Salads

Ahhhh, it feels like spring. For the last several days you can hear and see geese moving north against the blue skies. The grass and dandelions are starting to show a little bit of green. The only snow left is hiding in the shade on the north side of a building. It’s been nice toContinue reading “Planting the Early Spring Salads”

Vegetable Farmer New Year

It’s Vegetable Farmer New Year and we want to thank you all for being part of our farm family at Pekarek’s Produce!   I don’t know exactly when the Chinese New Year is, but it is almost Vegetable Farmer New Year. The farm doesn’t exactly follow the normal January to December calendar, so we consider the start of the new year toContinue reading “Vegetable Farmer New Year”

2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 18

FINAL WEEK: Week 18 of Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription Today is the day.  It’s the last week of the 2020 Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription. We have really enjoyed this year’s subscription and getting to know you along the way. Ryan preparing to toss a cantaloupe while harvesting. On The Farm To us theContinue reading “2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 18”

2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 17

It’s the season of changes around here. Tomatoes are starting to slow down, pickling cucumbers are done, broccoli should be back in a couple weeks and we will have Kale for the fall season.  We loved getting all that rain last week.  There were big cracks in the ground, but that slow rain fall didContinue reading “2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 17”

Fall is not all about the pumpkins!

Ya know, fall is not ALL about pumpkins! There are new and delicious flavors everywhere: spaghetti squash, sunshine squash to make squash chips out of, and delicata squash – some of the sweetest squash ever! There’s also the return of many crops like cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage, etc. And there’s even new crops like sweetContinue reading “Fall is not all about the pumpkins!”