2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 1

Hooray! Tomorrow is our first produce pick up for the 2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription. Each week, we will share our farm and family with you, talk about the produce in the weekly vegetable subscription, and maybe even some recipe suggestions.

2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscriptions are again being picked up on the Farm, in Seward at Merle’s Garden Center, and in Lincoln at the Hub Cafe. Both Merle’s Garden Center and the Hub Café have been remarkable partners in local produce and we encourage you to visit their storefronts or websites for some tasty food and beautiful flowers!

About Pekarek’s Produce

For those of you who are new to the Weekly Vegetable, Pekarek’s Produce is run by my husband Ryan, and me, Katie.  Ryan earned a Master’s degree from North Carolina State University in Vegetable Production and began raising vegetables in 2004, while in college.  In 2009, we began vegetable farming full time.  All of the produce is grown on our farm, 12 miles north of Seward.  Pekarek’s Produce now raises over 50 varieties of crops on approximately 18 acres, 5 high tunnels, and 1 greenhouse.  With the help of a small local crew and our kids, we tackle the many aspects of farming: seeding, transplanting, watering, hoeing, weeding, harvesting and much more.   We have five kids (Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas and Grace), who as they get older, help out a little more each year.

Michael’s Popcorn

We are happy to be able to include Michael’s Popcorn in this week’s vegetable subscription. He worked with Ryan (Dad) to raise and then shell the popcorn.  Check out the video to see the fun we had getting this popcorn processed!

Online Ordering – Additions to your Weekly Subscription

Beginning next week (week 2), if you would like to have extra produce added to your weekly bag, you will be able to do so online.  Simply go online to pekareksproduce.com/shop and order by 11:59pm Tuesday night and we will add your produce to your regular subscription for Wednesday. 

Week 1: Vegetable Subscription

Lettuce or Spinach

As Ryan is generally covered in dirt, mud, pollen, or maybe grease, your newsletters will come mostly from me (Katie), but if you’ve ever met Ryan, you can be sure he’ll make sure to get his two cents in.  We look forward to a great season!

Have Questions?

We can’t wait to see you!  If you have questions, please call Katie at (402) 560-3110 or Ryan at (402) 641-3305.

Your Farmers,
Ryan, Katie, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas, Grace, and Crew

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