2021 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 3

We hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day with family and friends.  Ryan has been playing with the American Legion for several years now, at funerals and on Memorial Day.  So he enjoyed a day of attending several local field masses with the Legion band throughout the day on Memorial Day.  This is one of the very few holidays that we actually do not work (besides a few necessary chores, of course).

This Week’s Veggies

This is officially the last week of asparagus season at Pekarek’s Produce.  It’s kind of a fun crop to pick, but only lasts for about a month.  This week you have turnips in your bag (Seward and Lincoln)… don’t be scared! These are not your grandma’s turnips. We love to eat them raw – they are sweet and slightly creamy and our kids love them. Later in the season, we would peel them like you would a carrot, but right now we eat them without peeling. You could also slice and roast the turnips or even make a turnip mash. 

On The Farm

We’ve started harvesting shelling peas this week, but are a couple of weeks from having enough to send in the weekly vegetable subscription.  If you would like some added into your bag be sure to order online.  We are also just barely starting to harvest strawberries!  It’s exciting, but so far, my kids have been walking the patch and eating everything that’s ripe on a daily basis.  We are probably 2 weeks until we really see a good strawberry harvest coming along.

How Our Family Eats Veggies in the Busy Summer

If you are anything like us, you almost always have good intentions of eating well, but life gets in the way.  Whether it is a busy season of ball games, or simply not wanting to stop to cook when the weather is nice, it can be tricky to eat well all the time – so give yourself some grace.  In our family, our favorite way to eat veggies is raw (even the 18 month old).  So this time of year we eat a lot of salads.  The other thing we do when we have a little time to cook, is veggie stir fries.  A bit of oil in a pan with some seasonings and a mix of veggies – last night it was beets sliced thin, carrots, shelling peas, green onions, beet tops, and kale. 

Online Ordering – Additions to your Weekly Subscription

If you would like to add produce to your weekly vegetable subscription tomorrow, you can go online to pekareksproduce.com/shop and place your order by 11:59pm tonight.  We will add it to your regular bag for tomorrow.

Week 3: Vegetable Subscription

Turnips (Seward and Lincoln) or Beets (Farm)

Have Questions?

We can’t wait to see you!  If you have questions, please call Katie at (402) 560-3110 or Ryan at (402) 641-3305.

Your Farmers,
Ryan, Katie, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas, Grace, and Crew

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