Plastic, Potatoes, and a Mantis

Hey Folks!

We’ve got that feeling on the farm.  That excited feeling that it is about to begin…I know the weather is a little crazy and that wind could knock a person down. But my calendar says that in the next week or so the greenhouse will be full!

20170310 Plastic Mulch120170310 Plastic Mulch2

We’ve already got things planted in the high tunnels and just a few trays in the greenhouse. We’ve begun working in the field. The first bit of plastic mulch was laid and hopefully more will be out soon.

20170311 Tuffbilt cultivate 1

The mantis (orange tractor that kind of looks like a praying mantis) is being tested for its success at knocking down weeds.  No weeds yet, but its still March 🙂

The first 1,000 pounds of potatoes were delivered – and unloaded by hand.  Onions will be here in about a week and a half or two.  All of this tells me that I will soon be sweating in the heat and fondly remembering this cold weather!


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