Catch up time!

Each year, we give thanks for the winter, which gives a little break from the dawn til dusk pace of the farm. And each winter, we anxiously await the dawn of spring.  Well, it’s almost spring and we are picking up the pace on the farm!


In the next few weeks, we will update the blog.  I always love the winter question – “what do you do?”  Ordering seed, analyzing crops, making plans and fixing as much as we can keeps us busy through the end of the year. In January, we take a deep breath and in February it all begins again!

By this time of year, part of the crew has started back with us.  Deliveries are a daily (sometimes many times a day) occurrence.  Planting has begun.  Equipment gets inspected and overhauled.  And we begin the blog again 🙂

We are excited to say that the CSA is open for sign up and we already have several signups in!  We have 3 locations this year: Farm, Seward – Winter Wonderland, and Lincoln – Schillingbridge Cork and Tap.  If you are interested in hosting a second Lincoln location, let me know.

Week 13 CSA 2016

For now, you’ve been updated!  More to come soon…. including yummy veggies!


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