First Farmer’s Market of 2016

Beets, Lettuce, and Green Onions from Pekarek’s Produce destined for their new home at Bread & Cup

Wow!  What a fun time we had seeing you all at the first Lincoln Haymarket Farmer’s Market of 2016.  There were a lot of things going on downtown Saturday – from an Air Show, to UNL commencement, to a softball game.

Haymarket May 9.jpg
Busy day at the Haymarket

Thanks to everyone who came down to brave the crowds.  Here’s a tip I was given – if you are coming to the market on a busy day like Saturday, aim for the parking garages south of the farmer’s market since they aren’t as full as the ones closer to the Arena.

That’s a great basket for the farmer’s market – it looked even better walking away full of beets and lettuce!

We had a lot of great produce and it was fun to see everyone gobble it up!

Turnips and Salad Mix on the end of the table

I had two wonderful helpers who helped me get some great pictures of our produce and set everything up.  They were rewarded with cucumbers and canolis – the two essentials “Cs” of the Farmer’s Market.


If you missed us last weekend, no worries.  You have several more chances to come visit.  We were happy to see all the faces of old and meet some new ones too.  See you soon!


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