We “beet” the rain… sort of

It’s kind of funny that the title of the last post was “It’s drying off” and yet we’ve been doing everything we can the last four days to “beet” the rain 🙂

Golden Beets

We had hoped that the warm weather last week would dry everything off enough that we could get all of our broccoli, cabbage, and kohlrabi plants out.  Remember, we have a new transplanter that held great promise.

Carousel Transplanter

In our consistently optimistic minds, we thought that we could plant 22,500 plants in less than a day.  Well, we didn’t really figure in all the time we would spend on the ground.

Ryan working hard with a furrow opener

We actually probably spent more time laying underneath the machine trying to figure out what needed to be adjusted than actually planting on Thursday.

More time on the ground with the transplanter

Thankfully, we seemed to get it figured out (mostly) by Friday early afternoon.  We put most of the plants out that day and evening.  Our sunburns are either evidence of the many hours we spent outside on these nice warm planting days or evidence that we did not reapply sunscreen enough times.  The plants looked a little sad on a warm, windy transplanting day, but don’t worry – they have since caught almost an inch of rain!





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