Operation High Tunnel 2013

So what’s been happening at the farm this winter?

Sometimes people think that we get to relax in the winter – and that’s kind of true because Ryan stops working 14+ hours each day.  But don’t worry, we make sure to talk about growing vegetables each and every day, even in the winter.

Our biggest project this winter has been putting up our 2nd high tunnel. High tunnels are a simple, relatively inexpensive, and effective way of extending the season (both early and late), protecting  crops from the effects of  wind, rain, some insect and foliar disease pests.

To this point, Ryan and I have put up everything ourselves.  Often it has been snowing, then muddy, and windy, but in a couple of weeks we will have plants growing.  We still need to put up the end walls and pull the plastic, so it should come together quickly.

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