2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 18

FINAL WEEK: Week 18 of Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription

Today is the day.  It’s the last week of the 2020 Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription. We have really enjoyed this year’s subscription and getting to know you along the way.
Ryan preparing to toss a cantaloupe while harvesting.

On The Farm

To us the end of the weekly vegetable subscription truly signifies a change in the seasons as much just as picking pumpkins. Ryan often gets asked what he does the rest of the year and I’ll give you an idea…. we try to harvest 11 months of the year which means most years we are still harvesting crops into December. The first fall broccoli harvest doesn’t even begin until late September and we are just about to start into other goodies like sweet potatoes and Kale. Last year we had multiple carrot harvests in the snow!
Ryan and Grace on the 5303 tractor.
Once December hits though, things change even more. It becomes time to deep clean the shop, take machines apart and do maintenance, and do some more prep for next year. This pretty much goes on daily until we get to spring and wonder where the time went and why we didn’t get it all done!  Ever feel like that?

By January Ryan is ordering seed. Maybe some gets ordered earlier, here and there. This takes weeks. He pours over his notes from the last season (and the 15 before that), works with many companies and rotates every crop around on the farm – planning where everything from university trials to kids’ popcorn crops will go. Crop rotation is key for healthy soils, disease resistance and pest management.  Then when he has his orders ready to place he CALLS them in. Inevitably some seed that was advertised has an epic failure and he’s offered an alternative. 
Pumpkin sales on the farm.
Visit us this FallThis is the last week (9/23) of the weekly vegetable subscription. But that doesn’t mean that healthy eating or even visiting with Pekarek’s Produce has to end. The Lincoln Haymarket Farmer’s Market on Saturdays goes through the end of October, the College View Farmer’s Market on Sundays goes through November with some holiday markets, the Farm will have hours through the fall and by appointment, online ordering is available for socially distanced farm pick up.

The Fall 2020 Vegetable Subscription will begin November 4th. It has a fun variety of fall crops and includes so much more than “just squash” – although squash is one of the fun parts of fall.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit the Pekarek’s Produce Website.
Thank you.  We can’t say it enough. Your support of the farm always means a lot, but during this strange time where our wholesale sales to restaurants and schools are down because of coronavirus, your membership in the weekly vegetable subscription has been even more important.  Thank you.

We hope to see you again soon,

Ryan, Katie, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas, Grace, and Crew



Want to add more produce to your weekly vegetable subscription? Shop online and make your purchase by 11:59 pm Tuesday to more produce added to your bag for Wednesday!

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