Fall is not all about the pumpkins!

Ya know, fall is not ALL about pumpkins! There are new and delicious flavors everywhere: spaghetti squash, sunshine squash to make squash chips out of, and delicata squash – some of the sweetest squash ever! There’s also the return of many crops like cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage, etc. And there’s even new crops like sweet potatoes and kale!

But really, the pictures of fall are ALL ABOUT PUMPKINS.

Fall Markets…

I don’t know about you, but we are big Husker sports fans! We have gone to nearly every home game in the last 10 years, except when I was very pregnant. So this fall feels very different. It’s always been a reprieve that has given Ryan and I the opportunity for some dates, which are few and far between during the summer growing season. There is a little upside here though. With no home football games, we suddenly have 5 more Saturday Farmer’s Markets this fall – hooray!

Now, the College View Market already goes through October 25th. And if you are big farmer’s markets fans, you will know that there has typically been a series of indoor winter farmer’s markets in November and December, hosted by the College View folks. Unfortunately, with the number of vendors and the number of visitors – it looks like this indoor market is going to be moved outdoors. Upside: more farmer’s markets, downside: brrrrr, upside: cute hats and boots!

This year, the “Holiday Markets” as they are called, will be:
Sundays | November 1, November 8, November 15, & November 22 
10am – 1pm
Note Updated Location: 4801 Prescott Avenue in the College View neighborhood.

Change to Farm Hours

We love when you come shop on the farm, so it’s time to change up the hours a bit. With pumpkin season here and the cooler temperatures in our faces, we have decided to move Saturday’s farm hours from 1 – 5 and Sunday’s from 1 – 5. So that makes our new hours:

Mon | Closed
Tue | 10 – 5
Wed | 10 – 5
Thu | 10 – 5
Fri | 4-6

Sat| 1-5
Sun| 1-5

Fall Weekly Vegetable Subscription

The Fall 2020 Vegetable Subscription will begin November 4th.  This will include four delivery dates which we tried to schedule to go along with the holidays: November 4th & 18th, and December 2nd & 16th.  The cost for the Fall Vegetable Subscription is $125. If you are interested in learning more and seeing what vegetables you will get, please visit the Pekarek’s Produce Fall Vegetable Subscription Page.

Piggies go to the Butcher – Fill your freezer

I’m really excited to say that on 9/21, the remainder of our pigs will be headed to the locker for processing. Margret has lovingly massaged these piggies, named them all and even has some of them eating out of her hand. (I just watch) Now it’s time for them to leave.

This is your chance to get some pork in your freezer! Can’t find a specific cut you’re after? When you buy a whole or half pig you get to specify exactly how you’d like your pork cut. Want to cook an impressive standing rib roast or indulge in smoked meats? Our butcher can make it happen! We take the pig to the butcher and you pick out the cuts of meat you want.

When you think about a whole animal, you might be wondering if you have enough storage space! This is how it breaks down…

Whole Pig: 7 cubic feet (small chest freezer, french-door refrigerator, bottom-freezer refrigerator)

Half pig: 3.5 cubic feet (top-freezer refrigerator)

We only have two pigs that are not spoken for. So if you are interested in a half or whole, call Ryan at (402) 641-3305.

Join us on the farm!

Don’t forget that you can order all of your yummy produce online! Check out what we have available this week. Order by midnight Thursday for pick up on Friday or Saturday! You can also drive up and order when you get here.

We will have a few low key, socially distanced, fall events this year to help you and your family enjoy the season together, on the farm. Stay tuned for more information!

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