2020 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 5

Week 5 of Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription

On The Farm

As usual, the weather is the lead story on the farm.  We’ve had a couple of storms, a little bit of hail and a lot of wind.  The hole in the high tunnel has gotten bigger and the work days keep getting longer. It can be so easy to fall in a pattern of looking at all the things we have to get done, those many many daily tasks and not look at all of the good that comes with it.  Yes there is a hole in the high tunnel, but we took down the plastic on the sides yesterday, and will pull new plastic today if the wind stays down for the afternoon.  It’s more work, but the results will be great!

Yes the long work days get tiresome and we tend to get a little bit snappy – ok a lot a bit snappy.  But long work days means we get to spend more time outside and that our family is strong and healthy enough to do so. 

So this week – we want to say a big thank you!  Thank you for being a part of our weekly vegetable subscription.  Thank you for joining our family and crew on this crazy journey in vegetable farming. And thank you for the opportunity to share in the bounty of the farm.

Strawberry Picking 2020

The veggies in this week’s bag are a bit more of the standard midwestern vegetable fare than last week. This is the end of strawberry season, but the summer crops are just starting. You will have either a cauliflower or a cabbage this week, because neither crop produced enough for everyone. We will try to rotate through who gets what when this happens. If you have a little purple tinge in your cauliflower, consider yourself lucky – it’s what happens when we get hot weather! It tastes great 🙂

Sugar Snap Peas

These things are like hidden gems of the cooking world. We mostly eat them raw – but they are great in a stir fry or as a meal on their own. Try this: Put 1 Tbs of canola oil in a pan on high heat (I usually use olive oil but it burns on high heat). When the oil is heated up, add your peas, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp ginger. Cook until soft, stirring occasionally. This is a fun dish to flip the food instead of stir, but either works. Ryan really likes the peas to get a little black too.


This Week’s Produce

Your Farmers,
Ryan, Katie, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas, and Grace

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