What’s growing in February?

This time of year, we often get the question: “what do you have growing?” And the answer is usually pretty conditional.

We try to get seeds started in the greenhouse around mid-February every year. But this year, like most, we got seeds going when there was a nice, sunny snap of weather and then we got a frigid snap. And while we heat the greenhouse, the furnace can only keep up with so much.

So, it’s Leap Day 2020, and of the 500+ cucumber seeds we started, only 130 or so are up. So we will seed some more today but give them a different starting home— the house.

Now, a lot of other things are growing: turnips, radishes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, and onions. Some in the greenhouse, some under plastic (but not heated) in the high tunnels. Next week will work to fill the rest of the greenhouse with trays and plant more in the high tunnels.

As for the field, there’s a long time until we plant outside. In our experience, patience is a virtue…. and one cold day in March or April can wreak havoc on small plants. So we wait to plant, but there is oh so much to do besides planting – a story for another time.

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