February feels like spring…for at least one day

Wow! Just wow!

We’ve had a relatively mild winter so far, but the clouds and the constant sheet of snow with ice has started to make me feel the winter duldrums. We have enjoyed the sledding but I was so happy this weekend to get a couple of days with sun and warm weather! It’s amazing what playing outside does for our family.

It’s a little bit early for us to get moving in the greenhouse, but we just couldn’t help the feeling that we needed to go plant something. So we decided to plant a few trays of vegetables for our house. We got spinach, lettuce, turnips and radishes planted. These are pretty much favorites for my kiddos… especially the turnips.

The real reason though to get in the greenhouse, was to start playing with dirt! Yes, we grow vegetables, yes this was us trying to remember what spring is like, but it really was just about playing in the dirt.

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