2019 Weekly Vegetable Subscription – Week 4

Things are coming along!

2019 weekly vegetable subscription- week 4


We are making the shift from picking in the greenhouse and high tunnels to the field.  Beets and carrots are almost ready outside.   Broccoli and kohlrabi are going strong outside.  Peas are coming from outside.  The peas in the buildings have given their all and what’s left was fed to the pigs.

The cool weather has been enjoyable.  A guy forgets to take his water jug when it is this nice.  The cool season crops are thriving – potatoes, cabbage, beets, carrots, etc.  On warm, sunny days the warm season tomatoes, melons, and squashes show more life, but when its jacket weather, they sit idly by.

2019 strawberry picking crew
2019 Strawberry Picking Crew


The crew is beginning to gel. We’ve got new folks learning why you were taught in high school physics to run a scale.  All of the boxes we pack for wholesale orders have to be weighed. The new guys don’t know why we have to use the “Tare” button on the scale.  I guess we should have all paid more attention in class!

We started seeding two days ago in the greenhouse for crops that won’t be harvested until late September and October.  Planning is key.


Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie and Crew

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