Week 4 – Fall 2018 CSA

Things have finally slowed down.  Mother Nature has continued to have her way this fall.  Since our last delivery to you folks, we have had a large rain, an inch of ice, and about 4 inches of snow.  Now with the warm weather, we have (as we have been discussing all through late summer and fall) mud, mud, mud.  It freezes overnight so a person can go anywhere on the yard, but by late morning it is like a mud wrestling match.

Week 4 Fall 2018_veg list

Last time I said the box was kind of big.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy everything and incorporate these items into family gathering during this Holiday season.  I would describe this week’s box as not very diverse, but still very tasty.  We have 3 types of potatoes.  Red skinned spuds are good for boiling, mashing, steaming, and frying.  They have lots of moisture, so they don’t make fantastic baked potatoes, but they are fine for this.  Purple spuds are a lot like the reds in my opinion.  Not a lot of starch.  If you steam or bake these, you will hold some of the purple skin color.  Boiling will wash the soluble purple pigment away.  2018 was the first year we tried these purple potatoes; I think they worked well in the field and out of storage.  The final potato is the small, yellow, oblong Nicola.  These are yellowed fleshed and similar to our summer variety Yukon Gold.  The netted skin looks good after roasting.  We served these Nicolas as mashed potatoes are two of our family’s Thanksgiving celebration.  These also make very good potato soup.  Any of these spuds pair well with the carrots and turnips.  All of these items can be roasted with olive oil on a baking sheet or tossed along side a beef or pork roast.  Thank goodness for things that grow under the ground. Thanks for a final time for your support during the 2018 farming season. 

Remember, if you need to reach us please CALL or TEXT (402) 641-3305 of (402) 560-3110.

Merry Christmas, Ryan, Katie and Kiddos.

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