Week 2 – Fall 2018 CSA

Its time for a change in the fields.  With the changing weather, we are finishing up a lot of field activity.  We have been out putting straw on the strawberries – we hope this helps them get through the winter.  Because we drip irrigate everything (or as much as we can) we have been pulling up drip tape and taking the plastic mulch out of the fields. It’s been wet, so we are hoping we can get the fields worked before the winter.  We are also looking to put out some cover crops on the field so that we can build up our soil health.  It also does a lot for us to reduce erosion from wind and rain.

Week 2 Fall 2018_veg list.png

It’s almost time for the crew to disappear for the winter.  Whether full time or a couple days, it takes many hands to get all this food in a box for you, our customer.  I enjoy working with a crew, but it is nice to just drink coffee and only worry about one person for a while in the winter.

We have plenty crops in storage or growing in the tunnels and greenhouse to finish our last 2 fall CSA drops.  Store your sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash on the counter in the kitchen.  The rest of your good food can go into the refrigerator until you eat it.  Hopefully this will be included in your family’s Thanksgiving Day meal.

Thanks for letting us come into your home and to your table

Ryan, Katie, Joe, Rebecca, Jacob, Margret, Michael, Lukas

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