2017 Week 7 – Weekly Vegetable Subscription

Hello folks!

I don’t know about you folks, but we are feeling hot – hot – hot! With temperatures staying in the upper 90s this week, we’ve once again changed our transplanting plans.  Although we intended to transplant first thing Monday, we’ve decided these little plants have a better chance of survival if we wait til next week when temperatures cool off a bit.


While the heat is hard on people, it’s good for a few of the crops. We are anxiously watching the crops as eggplant and peppers begin to come on.  There’s a few to harvest now, but when there are hundreds of plants, we would be excited to see more.  The cantaloupe are also starting to perk up, but we don’t expect those to come on for a couple weeks yet.   

2017 Pepper Harvest – This is what we want pepper harvest to look like!  Right now we only get a couple peppers 🙁


The crew has dwindled  a bit this week. We’ve currently got two crew members out of commission with (non-farm related) injuries.  But happily, we have one crew member who will be playing a state baseball championship tonight!

One of the benefits of having high tunnels (greenhouses without the heater) is that we are able to provide some protection for crops against the elements.  They are great for hail protection, wind protection, even protection for heavy rains.  They are also excellent at keeping temperatures warmer in the cool months by a few degrees. 

But when it’s hot out, we have to take a different approach.  Each of our five high tunnels, and the greenhouse are covered in shade cloth.  What we put up, is like a black fabric mesh that you put over the plastic to literally shade the plants.  In past years we’ve waited until mid-July to put it on, but we got it done early this year.  This week served as a check to see how its working– and it’s doing good.


Lots of goodies in this weeks box. We hope you enjoy!

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew


What’s in this week’s bag?

  • Potatoes**
  • Yellow Onion*
  • Red Onion*
  • Cabbage*
  • Kohlrabi
  • Cucumber(s)
  • Green Beans
  • Yellow Squash*
  • Broccoli*
  • Zucchini
  • Tomato(es)

*Full share only

**Partial share only


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