Week 3 – 2017 Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Hello Folks!

We are glad to say the weather has calmed down here this week!  We have been busy in the tunnels weeding, hoeing and cleaning things up.  We have been tearing out some of the outside crops and plastic mulch torn up by the hail.  We’ve done some seeding and watering in the greenhouse.


Have you ever wondered what a day looks like on the farm? Well, every day is very different, but let me give you a picture of all the activities going on by 7:30 this week … We’ve got a crew in the shed that has harvested broccoli and is in the process of washing and packing.


Then there’s someone cleaning up the buckets and crates used to complete the broccoli harvest.  There’s still someone else prepping the trays for seeding and another working to get fertilizer (plant food) ready so that we can feed the new plants.


And finally, the last lucky crew members are using our old horse drawn potato digger (we now pull it with a tractor) to dig potatoes.  The digger throws them on the ground and then we crawl behind on hands and knees to pick them up.  After they’re done with that, the potatoes will go to the packing shed to be washed, weighed, and packaged… and all this is going on by about 7:30!


We hope you are loving the kohlrabi as much as we do, but I’ve received a few questions this last week about how to eat them.  To be honest, if you ask our favorite way to eat almost any vegetable we grow, we will say peel and eat raw – and on somethings we just brush the dirt off before we eat it.


With kohlrabi, you need to make sure to peel all of the skin off.  There is no flavor difference between a purple or green kohlrabi.  The kids like to eat it raw in slices with cream cheese.  Some people will salt it and eat raw and others like it as part of a vegetable tray with dip (think ranch, hummus, tzatziki, etc…).  It can also be sliced and grilled it with olive oil and seasoning salt. I’ve been told it mashes well, but haven’t tried it.  Let us know your favorite way to eat kohlrabi.


We’ve got pictures up from this week and many others as well as the newsletter online at pekareksproduce.wordpress.com.

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew


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