Cutting Potatoes

I’m sure some of you know the old wives tale that you should plant potatoes on Good Friday.  Some year’s this seems to make sense, but as you know, Good Friday came very early this year (March 25).  This was too early for potato planting.



So when will we be planting potatoes?  Pretty soon.  We are waiting for the soil temperature to warm up and be in a warming trend.  It’s a little bit of a waiting game this year because these warm spells that come and go really make us want to be in the field.


Our seed potatoes were ordered during the first week of January and we’ve since received our seed potatoes this week.  At one time, we used to cut each and every potato by hand.  Not only was this time consuming, but also a little dangerous for me because I am not what you would called “skilled” with a knife. Fortunately, there is a very nice machine and nice friend that assists us with the process of cutting more than 4,000 pounds of seed potatoes.

Cabbage and Potato Bake - CSA Member Guest Post

Hopefully we will have yummy potatoes like this.

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