It Snowed!

It’s been interesting around here, to say the least.  Sometimes the weather people miss the prediction by a million miles and other times – they nail it! 

Snow Mountain by High Tunnel 3

We were definitely spared the worst of last week’s storm.  We are guessing we ended up in the 6 to 7 inch range.  It’s a bit hard to tell because some places had no snow on the ground and other places had 5 or 6 feet.

Jacob on one of many drifts

Luckily, we have not turned on the greenhouse yet!  Ryan keeps threatening that we will have to go scoop or push snow off of the buildings when we get in trouble.  We bought new shovels this year, so I’m not too scared.

Drifts Blowing Around Tunnels

In vegetable news… the tomatoes are up in the greenhouse.  They are already about 3 inches tall. 




We have 99% of the seed for the spring here already, so Ryan says “we have enough to get to farmin’.”  He has spent the nice days in January getting the tunnels tilled, watered and ready to go.  It looks like we could have two or two and a half tunnels seeded within the next two weeks.

Soon to be planted


Radishes, Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Beets and Carrots will be seeded in the greenhouse early next week.

20110311 Soil

We are expecting many supplies to arrive in the next week: plastic mulch, drip tape, trays, soil, tags, knives, rubber gloves, boxes, and more…

Jacob on a pallet of soil in 2015


Don’t forget – if you know someone who wants to work on their *tan* this summer, tell them to call Ryan.  Pekarek’s Produce officially has its “Help Wanted” sign out!



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