Winter 2015 (2 of 3)

Drip Irrigation on Lettuce in High Tunnel

In December, the outdoor farming activities began to slow down. The high tunnels kept producing and we worked on improving our winter storage abilities. Early winter saw us digging (and picking up by HAND) the rest of the potatoes in the field.

Sorting and Sacking Potatoes

It’s time for us to start working on the 2016 CSA. We’ve already had some pre-sales and are looking to expand to another location this year. More news to come very soon as we make plans, order seeds, and order new bags or boxes.

CSA Bag and Newsletter

Ryan has spent weeks looking at seed catalogues. He usually ends up, ordering from 5 or 6 companies. Seed potatoes come from one place, sweet potato slips come from another locations, onions from another, and then there is the inevitable search for certain varieties of vegetables that no longer exit.

We still haven’t figured out why we can spend years trying out different varieties of broccoli until we find our favorite ones only to have the company discontinue the seed!

Even though the temperature is below zero today and probably not going to reach 10 oF, much of the seed has started arriving. As soon as the tomato seed shows up, we will be in the greenhouse planting… we’d like to have it sooner than later. Most everything else will get planted in the greenhouse in about 2 weeks.

Next week: High tunnels, packing shed, crew

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