2015 CSA – Week 5

Hey folks!

Thank you to all of you who were able to come out to the farm on Sunday for our farm tour.  We had an amazing turnout and a great time!

2015 PP Tour
Ryan starts off the tour at the greenhouse and packing shed

As usual, there are many activities happening on the farm.  Quite a bit of time is dedicated to harvesting and washing produce at this point.  We are starting to dig potatoes.  It’s kind of a fun process – we use an old horse drawn potato digger that digs the potatoes, tosses them in the row, and then we come in and pick them up by hand.  We grow five different varieties of potatoes, both red and white.


The green bean harvest has also begun in the last week.  The first official harvest came into the house in a small bowl, but we now have beans at market as well.  Tomatoes took a little bit of a lull over the last week.  The first tomatoes we were picking were coming out of the greenhouse.  Unfortunately, some of the cloudy, cool weather that happened in May made the plants drop its blossoms and we are seeing the effects of not having fruits now.  Luckily the tomatoes in the tunnel are starting to kick into production


In other news… we’ve talked about rain and mud for so long, it’s hard to imagine anything but mud.  It dried off quite a bit this last week.  We did get 0.40 inches of rain Tuesday night.  But as we drove through the countryside we saw farms that are already starting to irrigate.  It looks like we will probably follow suit, as we will probably need to start irrigating potatoes next week.

Ryan at the start of the 2015 tour
The tour goes by the no till pumpkins – can you see them? They are small.

There is a big batch of broccoli and cauliflower in the field that is starting to grow.  Sweet corn is coming along and it looks like we will have a limited supply for next week.  Zucchini are moving forward verrrry slowly – keep waiting, you’ll see some soon.  Those pumpkins and hard squash we planted last week are looking nice. Looks like every plant came up.  The only little problem we’ve had with them is the ground squirrel who decided to eat some of the seeds in ground.

2015 PP Tour2
Sweet corn is one of the first stops on the 2015 tour.

As always, every week we are working out some mechanical issues.  We had to take the big market truck in to get worked on this week, but it looks like it’ll be up and running again by market on Saturday.  There were some frustrating issues with tools that hooked up to the tractor, but those looked to be solved as well… for now!


As usual, we hope you enjoy this week’s produce.  If you have any questions, feel free to call or email, or drop a note in your bag.  Have  a great and safe Independence Day!

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew

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