2015 CSA – Week 2

Hey Folks!

We hope you enjoyed your first week of the 2015 CSA. We know some of you did not receive a newsletter the first week. If that happens, be sure to check out the blog for the weekly newsletter along with some other little farm tidbits and recipes for the week.

What’s in this week’s bag?




Sugar Snap Peas (eat the whole thing)*

Leaf Lettuce


Green Onions*


*indicates items only in the full bag

As per usual, it’s been pretty muddy around here, but we’ve been blessed with a string of four mostly dry days, but the mud just doesn’t seem to want to go away. I know that weather usually seems like small talk, but around here it’s so much more J Ryan’s been chomping at the bit patiently waiting for the field to be dry enough to get some planting and field work done. If it were not for the use of plastic, your CSA bags would not have nearly as much in them this year! What do I mean?

Transplants in Greenhouse

On the farm, we have 1 greenhouse and 5 high tunnels of various sizes. What’s the difference? Not much. A high tunnel is a hooped structure with plastic covering it. Plants are still grown in the dirt, but the plastic provides protection from things like wind, hail, varmints, and this year – rain. A greenhouse is the same thing, a hooped structure with plastic covering it, except it also has heaters and fans. This means we can get things growing a little earlier. We have mostly used the greenhouse this year to start transplants which eventually make their way to a home in the field.

DSCN3377We also use something called plastic mulch. It’s one way to keep weed pressure down and gain a little heat early. Basically we put out a bed of plastic with drip tape for irrigation and then poke holes in the plastic so we can plant transplants.


This week has seen a lot of things accomplished. Sweet corn was planted, ground was hilled for sweet potatoes,  broccoli and cabbage transplants were planted, tomatoes were transplanted and cucumbers and squash were seeded in plastic mulch outside.

Ryan showing off potatoes to a very wise group on a farm tour.

Want to actually see what we have on the farm? Well here’s your chance. On Sunday, June 28th, we will have a farm tour from 3-5 pm. We will have hay racks for you to get around, so if walking too far poses a problem, we have your alternative. Please remember, though, that this is a farm. I seem to get dirty just looking outside, so make sure to wear some farm clothes. We hope you can all come!

Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew

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