New high tunnels – almost

We have two more new high tunnels put up – almost.  So there are two new smaller high tunnels that we are putting up.  Unfortunately, it continues to be a little bit cold.  We’ve had it snow while working on these tunnels several times.  Here’s Ryan winding up some string after setting the posts for one of the buildings in concrete.


As of Thursday and Friday’s rain/snow, our plans of skinning the building (putting plastic over the high tunnel) were officially changed.  When the weather is cool, the plastic is brittle and tight.  If we put plastic on while its cool and then the weather heats up, the plastic will loosen up too, and as Ryan says, flap in the wind like your “wearing your grandmother’s underwear.”  I’m pretty sure that he means the plastic will flap in the wind!

But what do you do when you already have plants ready to go into the ground and your high tunnel doesn’t have plastic on it yet?  Well you plant it of course!  We are hopeful that we will get plastic on this building and the building adjacent to it by the end of this week.  In the mean time, we have things growing all over the place.  Check out how well the tomatoes are doing in the greenhouse!

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