The High Tunnel is Up!!!

Remember these pretty frames from over by Omaha?  Well we’ve made something of one of them.


During our set of nice days, before the rain and snow, we got this tunnel completed!2015 No 6 tunnel Garage doors3

We had some great help putting up garage doors and walk in doors.

2015 No 6 tunnel Garage doors 2015 No 6 tunnel Garage doors2

Here we are putting on the roll down sides.  They work like a charm and can passively regulate temperature in the building.

2015 No 6 tunnel 2015 No 6 tunnel6

Some tips and tricks of the trade we like to make you try to figure out yourselves.  So I’ll let you just guess what Ryan is working on here.

2015 No 6 tunnel4

Putting up the endwall plastic and covering the building with plastic requires the most bodies on site.  There was about a 2-5 mph wind the day we pulled plastic over the tunnel and the picture shows how Laura and I are flying a giant plastic kite! Thanks to Miss Margret for taking this pic.

2015 No 6 tunnel3  2015 No 6 tunnel2

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