Week 4 of Pekarek’s Produce CSA (6/24/14)

Dobry Den!

It seems like we’ve been in full swing on the farm for a long time now.

Alex, Ryan and myself went to Omaha to tear down three greenhouses that Ryan found for us to purchase. It was an all-day event involving a bobcat, power tools, hammers, pliers, and a lot of grunting. In this picture, one of the small structures is already torn down completely and we have the other two partially completed. The two small tunnels are 14 X 96 and will likely function as high tunnels instead of greenhouses. That means there won’t be a heater or fans in the buildings, but they will be passively heated by the sun. The third larger building is approximately 30 X 96-ish and hopefully can be built into a greenhouse. More than likely we won’t begin work on these projects until late fall, preferably just before the ground freezes.


In addition to the labor in Omaha this week, we have been working on seeding cabbage and broccoli for the fall. Our fall crops will not only provide for some season extension, but also allows us the opportunity to work with grocery stores and dining halls.

If you didn’t know, the first day of summer was this week and we are officially moving away from spring. That means that pea season is almost over already. Although that makes many of us sad, it is not a bad deal for the crew that picks ALL THOSE PEAS! And with pea season ending, we are even closer to sweet corn, melon, and tomato season! The sweet corn is tasseling in the field and starting to silk and the tomatoes are blush red in the tunnel. It’s time for a changing of the vegetable seasons at Pekarek’s Produce!


Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew

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