Week 16 of the Pekarek’s Produce CSA 2013

Dobry Den!

We are in the middle of September now and with the weather change, we feel like it’s time for fall.  We’ve got a few cool crops coming off now that make us think its fall too – from kohlrabi to pumpkins to sweet potatoes.


Pumpkins and winter squash are looking pretty good.  Finding the time or additional labor to pick the crops will be the challenging part of pumpkins this year.


In other news, the crew has again changed and dwindled to primarily Ryan.  This means he is going six ways from Saturday on the farm.  Amongst the normal picking and packing, we are still trying to finish that greenhouse for the winter strawberries.  It is looking pretty good, but it would be nice to have the plants in it!

Ryan has also cleaned out the high tunnels.  Now it is decision time – winter crops such as radishes, lettuce and spinach would be great in the tunnel!  But cover cropping inside the tunnel would offer some benefits to improving the soil health inside the tunnel.


Sometimes we don’t let you know this enough: We love what we do and are so happy to have you as part of the CSA.  We hope you are enjoying the vegetables as much as we are enjoying your participation in the CSA!

Your Farmers,

Ryan and Katie

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