Mulch Layer

As the farm grows it is important to us to improve our growing techniques and efficiencies.  We are excited to report that this year we have a brand new mulch layer!


When most people think of mulch they think of wood chips.  Plastic mulch is a product used to suppress weeds and conserve water in our crops.


This nifty little machine has many talents.  In addition to laying the mulch (plastic), it also creates a bed and lays down two rows of drip tape – all in one swoop!


Plastic mulch reduces the amount of water lost from the soil due to evaporation. This means less water will be needed for irrigation. Plastic mulches also aid in evenly distributing moisture to the soil which reduces plant stress.


Plastic mulch also keeps ripening fruit off the dirt which keeps the produce cleaner.


We are very excited to have this new tool on the farm!



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