High Tunnel Progress

Well, we didn’t quite make the April 1 deadline, but the weather didn’t really cooperate with us.  Thats ok though, because we love to see rain on the farm!


We’ve had the frame completed for some time now.  But the weather conditions have to be just right to pull plastic over the tunnel.


The wind can’t be blowing, so in Nebraska that is a huge constraint.  It’s best if the sun is out, because the plastic can be stretched.  AND it’s easiest to pull with 4-5 people.


Well, we finally got a calm morning when we could get people to the farm, but it was foggy.  We’ll happily take what we can get.


Not only did we need to pull plastic over the tunnel, we also needed to put up the end walls.


Did I forget to mention that coffee is a must when building a high tunnel?


Stay tuned to see what got planted in the tunnel!


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