A new wash line

Dobry Den!

Meet Laura.  Laura has been part of Pekarek’s Produce since 2010.  She is a college senior at UNL majoring in Horticulture.  We are so lucky to have someone returning to the operation with so much knowledge and a great work ethic!  In this picture she is showing me the beautiful cauliflower harvested this morning.  You might not know this, but we get pretty gosh darn excited when something grows that is this beautiful, heavy and tasty!

Laura is standing on our current wash station.  If you look closely you can see that we are standing under the shade with a stainless steel tank for washing and a discharge pipe that sends water out to the field.  The bottom of the wash station is a grate so that our feet stay dry when water is inevitably spilled or splashed.  This is a huge improvement over the way we used to wash – hopping from pallet to pallet and then washing produce in a metal wash tub!

And this is what is even more exciting!!

What is it you ask?  Well it is still on it’s side and it connects in three parts.

Enough clues?  It’s a brand new shiny wash line!!  This should help us improve our washing efficiency greatly.  It seems like we are constantly making leaps and bounds!

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