Week 2 – Fall 2018 CSA

Its time for a change in the fields.  With the changing weather, we are finishing up a lot of field activity.  We have been out putting straw on the strawberries – we hope this helps them get through the winter.  Because we drip irrigate everything (or as much as we can) we have been pullingContinue reading “Week 2 – Fall 2018 CSA”

Week 1 – Fall 2018 CSA

Welcome to the Fall CSA with Pekarek’s Produce! We hope you enjoy the produce that we bring to you each week. Your pie pumpkin, acorn squash and sweet potatoes should be stored on the counter (not in the refrigerator).  The acorn squash will store for at least a month, but don’t forget you’ve got moreContinue reading “Week 1 – Fall 2018 CSA”